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“Love Letters” is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated play which centers on two characters, Melissa Gardner (Roxane Gray) and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III (Eric Meadows), who read the notes, letters and cards that have passed between them over the decades. "It is such a wonderful play for an event like this," producer Ramona Young said. "It shows a couple who have been in love for nearly 50 years. It hearkens back to a time when people wrote their feelings about each other in more than 140 characters. 
As Melissa and Andrew discuss their hopes and ambitions, dreams and victories
disappointments, and defeats, they grow more in love — and their romance is guaranteed to bring couples closer together." 

 Advance tickets for the "Love Letters" can be purchased  here.

Outside the Box presents theater productions in the beautiful, historical ballroom of The Woman's Club which boasts Beaumont's first stage. On the historical register of Texas, the clubhouse was built in 1909, serving not only as clubhouse, but as the site of Beaumont's first library and was the scene of bandage-rolling Red Cross volunteers during WWI and WWII.
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'Love Letters'

  By A.R. Gurney